Room 13 Inquiry

For many years Fingal Arts Office programmed an artist-in-residency programme in primary and secondary schools in Fingal, where professional artists worked on creative projects with students for a minimum period of twelve weeks, or a maximum period of an academic year.  These residencies brought contemporary art practices directly into the classroom.  Founded on the principles of best practice, they promoted a healthy attitude towards a process based approach to art making, the use of artist notebooks, site trips to places of interest and cultural visits to galleries and museums.  The residencies were very successful and now we wish to develop and build on the working relationships established with schools and artists and explore a very exciting and progressive arts education programme known throughout the world as Room 13.

Room 13 International is a network of student-run art studios in schools.  These studios are managed and directed by the young students who use them.  The first project initiated in Fort William, UK, and now projects exist in schools throughout the world. Room 13 is a student-run art studio with an artist-in-residence and a student management committee. The development of pupils’ entrepreneur and enterprise skills is an important element of the programme. The studio itself is a space where students, teachers and the artist(s) can work alongside one another during break times, and other scheduled times throughout the day. The studio does not interfere with the formal curriculum or timetable.  Rather it complements the curriculum and is a support to teachers and students wishing to explore themes presented in the formal curriculum through the arts. It is most importantly a space for children to explore, discover and make art in a safe and supportive environment. 

For more information and to hear from our teachers and students involved please click into In Our Own Words link opposite. 

We most recently visited the NCAD Graduate Show 2015, and met many of the current graduates including Fingal artists Sarah Ward (Painting) and Josh Joyce (Sculpture).  We would like to thank both artists and the college for this wonderful experience.  

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