“The Naul! Is it possible that you didn’t know the Naul? You don’t say you were in Milan and never saw the Cena!”

— Samuel Beckett. ‘Fingal’. More Pricks than Kicks, 1934

Strand 4
People’s Purchase

Since its establishment in 1994, Fingal County Council has been building an impressive collection of artworks for its public buildings. The People’s Purchase will expand Fingal County Council’s existing art collection further into the community in new and democratic ways.

In direct response to the public consultation process, where significant interest in the making and exhibition of contemporary paintings and other visual artworks was demonstrated, Infrastructure will continue to support the creative process, and will also facilitate the curation and purchase of artworks by representatives of community groups and other stakeholders for a range of community and public buildings across Fingal.

A fund of up to €50,000 is being created for communities of interest to curate and purchase artworks for their own community centres and for other local public or meeting spaces.

On receipt of images and examples of artworks from submitting artists through this open process, Infrastructure will assist a range of community groups from across the county to begin the process of curating and purchasing artworks for their individual community spaces and other public buildings. These groups will be supported by a professional curator through the process.

In order to nurture and support the making and collecting of artworks by artists from the County, a fund of 25% of the total Strand 4 budget is being allocated to purchase artworks made by Fingal artists. This includes artists who were born, live, work or study in Fingal.

Artists submitting artworks for consideration for the People’s Purchase must send images of available artworks and the prices of same.

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