Strand 1
Public Art Awards

The Public Art Awards will be made by a Two Stage Open Competition. Up to three major Public Art Awards of up to €75,000 each will be made to artists over the life of the commissioning programme.

The Public Art Awards will be made to artists proposing particularly ambitious, inspiring and challenging ideas for projects, interventions, artworks and cultural events, of international significance, in Fingal. Experimentation, innovation and working with the myriad of resources found in the county are encouraged.

Shortlisted artists will be given time to develop a worked-up and budgeted proposal for the second stage of the selection process and will be paid a fee of €1,000 on receipt of second stage proposals. The Client reserves the right to invite the shortlist of artists to attend an interview as part of the second stage.

Final project ideas for all commissions will be agreed and signed off between the selected artists and the Fingal Public Art Co-ordinator. The Client reserves the right not to award a commission after the second stage. Artists applying for Strand 1 must submit a non-binding indication of the budget required, which may be up to €75,000 incl VAT.

Strand 2

Co-Productions will be awarded by Two Stage Open Competition. Up to five commissions with budgets of between €15,000 and €30,000 will be awarded through Strand 2.

Co-Productions will be context led and will be authored and produced in collaboration with a local community partner or a host group. An element of risk taking is implicit in these commissions, which should aim to empower the collaborators and invite critical discourse in the field of socially engaged practice.

Experimental ways of developing new partnerships and engaging new collaborators and audiences are actively encouraged. Artists are not expected to have identified a community partner or host at this first stage of the process. Infrastructure / Fingal County Council will assist shortlisted and selected artists in making contacts and establishing relationships with people from existing community development and arts organisations, individuals and voluntary groups active in the Fingal area. A list of community groups in the County will be available.

Artists can also bring together new groups of individuals or ‘communities of interest’ to work with them on a project.

Artists shortlisted into the second stage will be expected to research and develop a detailed and budgeted proposal, for which a fee of €700 will be paid.

In some cases and at the discretion of the Client, a pilot scheme may be awarded to a shortlisted artist as a means of supporting artistic experimentation and investigation. Final project ideas for all commissions will be agreed and signed off between the Artist’s and Fingal County Council’s Public Art Co-ordinator.

Artists applying for Strand 2 ‘Co-Productions’ must submit a non-binding indication of the budget required, which may be in the region of between €15,000 and €30,000 incl VAT.

Strand 3
Buildings and Public Spaces Artists Panel

Shortlisted artists, selected through this open competition process, will be included on an Artists Panel, which will be active from 2017 to 2021. Artists applying to be considered to make an artwork for Strand 3 do not have to nominate either a location or a budget at this first stage.

From this Artists Panel, various commissioning processes will be implemented to select an artist to make work for, or in relation to, a particular building or a public place over the course of the Infrastructure programme. In some cases, artists may be directly appointed to a commission. A proposal development fee will be paid to all shortlisted artists.

Strand 3 ‘Buildings and Public Spaces’ presents opportunities for artists from across artistic disciplines, to work closely with the Fingal County Council Architects / Planning Department and the public/private sector at various stages throughout construction of new builds across the County. Artists may be engaged to commence work as part of a design team, or to make an artwork, in any art form, for when construction is completed.

Sites, places and budgets will be agreed with the Public Art Co-ordinator as they arise. Strand 3 will also provide opportunities for artists to be commissioned to work on major new developments in the County whereby the private developer is required to allocate an agreed percentage of the overall development and construction costs to the creation and production of new artwork(s) in the built environment.

Strand 4
People’s Purchase

Since its establishment in 1994, Fingal County Council has been building an impressive collection of artworks for its public buildings. The People’s Purchase will expand Fingal County Council’s existing art collection further into the community in new and democratic ways.

In direct response to the public consultation process, where significant interest in the making and exhibition of contemporary paintings and other visual artworks was demonstrated, Infrastructure will continue to support the creative process, and will also facilitate the curation and purchase of artworks by representatives of community groups and other stakeholders for a range of community and public buildings across Fingal.

A fund of up to €50,000 is being created for communities of interest to curate and purchase artworks for their own community centres and for other local public or meeting spaces.

On receipt of images and examples of artworks from submitting artists through this open process, Infrastructure will assist a range of community groups from across the county to begin the process of curating and purchasing artworks for their individual community spaces and other public buildings. These groups will be supported by a professional curator through the process.

In order to nurture and support the making and collecting of artworks by artists from the County, a fund of 25% of the total Strand 4 budget is being allocated to purchase artworks made by Fingal artists. This includes artists who were born, live, work or study in Fingal.

Artists submitting artworks for consideration for the People’s Purchase must send images of available artworks and the prices of same.

Infrastructure Fingal County Council’s Public Art Programme 2017—2021

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