Fingal County Council’s
Public Art Programme

“The Naul! Is it possible that you didn’t know the Naul? You don’t say you were in Milan and never saw the Cena!”

— Samuel Beckett. ‘Fingal’. More Pricks than Kicks, 1934


Fingal County Council is embarking on a new phase of Public Art Commissioning utilising funds generated through the Per Cent for Art Scheme.

Infrastructure 2017 — 2021 is a local, national and international opportunity open to artists from all disciplines.

Deadline for submissions,
5pm, 28th of September 2017


Commissions will be awarded by open competition and proposal fees will be paid to shortlisted artists. Selections will be made by panels comprised of artists, curators and public representatives from Fingal’s Public Participation Network and Fingal County Council.


Infrastructure is offered in 4 strands;

Public Art Awards,
Buildings and Public Spaces Artists Panel,
People’s Purchase.

Download the full Infrastructure Artists' Brief and the Application Form here for further details.

Infrastructure supports artists in 4 principal ways

Establishing a series of ambitious Public Art projects to take place throughout the county.

Facilitating Co-Produced projects, which encourage active engagement between artists, community partners and local hosts.

Purchasing artworks for a variety of buildings used by communities in Fingal, giving the opportunity for citizens to actively select contemporary artworks for their individual active spaces.

Commissioning bold new artworks for the built environment and public spaces.


With the Infrastructure Public Art commissioning programme, the critical role of the Local Authority in providing supports, and a knowledge base operating from ground level outwards, will be demonstrated.

The civic role of the local authority and the arts can be traced back to the Early Renaissance, to the powerful series of frescoes painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in 1338, titled ‘The Allegory of Good and Bad Government’. Located in the council chambers of the Town Hall in Siena, the frescoes were commissioned by the town council, The Council of Nine. The series is considered one of the foremost secular paintings in the history of art. A utopian vision of urban and rural society, it illustrates a set of ideals by which to govern and thus to live, depicting paradigms of good ways of living in society, by championing industry, culture, the arts, agriculture and commerce.

For a number of years, Fingal County Council has established a reputation for facilitating unique opportunities for artists to explore its towns and communities in new and meaningful ways, and to tell stories about where and how we live now, through projects that

have often exceeded expectations. The nature of many of these arts projects was perambulatory, or as one of our previously commissioned artists Dennis McNulty, put it, work was made by a means of a ‘derive’, a meander through the many facets of the county.

The sheer scale and diversity of the county of Fingal has always required the artist to take a broad overview of its rural, urban and coastal profiles and by way of exploration, journey through them physically and metaphorically.

With Infrastructure 2017 — 2021 we are extending invitations to artists to see anew, to visit and return, to listen to histories and people, tracing the patterns that make connections and comparisons between local and global, with Fingal placed as a microcosm of an ever-changing world.

Caroline Cowley
Public Art Co-ordinator
Fingal County Council

Fingal County Council's
Public Art Programme

“To be an artist, you have to move. When you stop, you are no longer an artist.”

— Agnes Martin
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