Realt Na Mára — Howth

The very impressive sculpture piece, Realt na Mara, was erected in 2013 on the western apex extension to the East Pier of Howth Harbour. The site location is within the Conservation area of Howth and the pier itself is a protected structure and is in the ownership of the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Food. The monument was commissioned by Fingal Co Council and is the most significant piece of public art in its history for the Howth Peninsula.

Realt Na Mára — Star of the Sea stands 12m in height and is fabricated in high specification, polished stainless steel to reflect maximum light. The sculpture is intended to reflect the heritage of Howth as a maritime community. The Star itself, reminiscent of compass points, alludes to themes of protection, light and direction leading fisherman and traveller alike home. The sculpture can be viewed from several aspects due to its 3- dimensional nature.

The sculpture is the work of Robert McColgan, a well-known and respected public sculptor, originally from Co. Sligo, but resident in Wicklow for many years. He has been commissioned many times by public and private bodies and his works stands in public spaces in many counties throughout Ireland and in America and Portugal.
More of his works can be seen here.

The work was commissioned, following a country wide open competition. The commission was overseen by an expert panel, which comprised arts experts and local representatives, and the success of the project was greatly assisted by the support of the local community through the Howth Sutton Community Council.