What Do You See? Let’s Explore the artwork of John Kindness.

Let's Explore the artwork of John Kindness.

Fingal Arts Office recently Celebrated 25 Years of Collecting Art! Over the next few days we will share an artwork from this amazing collection with you and invite you to respond with your own masterpieces.Ideal for all ages and abilities, you might like to focus on developing your drawing or painting skills by recreating the artwork you see, or you might prefer to focus on a small detail to get started and then let your imagination run wild to create your very own original piece in response. The choice is yours! All we ask is that you share your finished artwork for us all to see and enjoy. This way we stay together and connected through art.

Let’s begin with Irish Artist John Kindness. This print is called, ‘Charles Coote’, made in 1998, using two plate etching, aquatint & drypoint. Artists explore their subject matter in detail and carefully consider their composition. Look closely, what can you see? Explore the focal character and his garments, look at the background drapes, what else can you find?  Look around your home and find objects to draw.  Maybe someone at home would like to volunteer to be the subject matter of your artwork! Using whatever and whoever you can find, make your very own artwork inspired by John Kindness’ print.