In Colour

In Colour is an exhibition featuring work by some of Ireland’s most prolific 19th and 20th century artists, studied on the leaving certificate art history syllabus. Programmed by Fingal County Council in partnership with Draíocht, the show hosts works borrowed from the extensive collections of AIB, the Arts Council and Limerick City Gallery. An education programme accompanies the show and aims to bring the leaving certificate art history syllabus to life by showing these key works and providing students and teachers with the opportunity to engage in a variety of educational events. We are delighted to have artists Alice Maher, Robert Ballagh and Martin Gale visit as part of this programme and give personal insight into their practice. In Colour recognises the benefit of working in partnership with collections representing the wealth of Irish art history. We endeavour to explore the full potential of In Colour as an educational concept, and welcome feedback from programme visitors.

This educational resource catalogue focuses on five artists featured in the show, Martin Gale, Robert Ballagh, Alice Maher, Mainie Jellett and Patrick Collins. To maximise learning, it should be used in conjunction with a visit to the exhibition, and focused tour where possible. You will read a short biography on each artist, an analysis of their artwork, their style, processes employed and influences throughout their career. Questions highlighted throughout the text, the student response task, and a list of other available resources, have been designed to allow interaction with the information and encourage looking at the work anew. We invite all visitors to use the exhibition and resource catalogue as an access point for further investigation and discussion on the artists and their work.

For more information see the In Colour website