Dennis McNulty


Tracing a journey through an unspecified landscape, INTERZONE deploys many of the cinematic strategies used to delineate a narrative setting, but combines them with other elements in a way which introduces spatial and temporal uncertainty. Oblique references to US and Russian lunar exploration and interplanetary transport introduce the possibility that this setting might be a distant place or a future moment. A much more familiar vantage point is offered by a woman, dressed in everyday clothing, who walks purposefully through the landscape. She follows pathways which form a small part of a much larger assemblage of communication systems, specific to the physical and infrastructural environment of Fingal in County Dublin, the focus of INTERZONE’s investigation. Through a deliberate conjunction of vantage points, INTERZONE seeks to survey and capture things hidden in plain sight, preserving aspects of this changing physical, social and infrastructural environment for a future moment.

The film was screened at the Seamus Ennis Centre, Naul and included an event with the artist in conversation with Daniel Jewesbury.