Buildings and Public Spaces Commissions

Strand 3 'Buildings and Public Spaces' presents opportunities for artists from accross artistic disciplines, to work closely with the Fingal County Council Architects / Planning Department and the public / private sector at various stages throughout constrution of new builds across the County. Artists may be engaged to commence work as part of a design team, or to make an artwork, in any art form, for when construction is completed. 

Sites, places and budgets will be agreed with the Public Art Co-ordinator as they arise. Strand 3 will also provide opportunities for artists to be commissioned to work on major new developments in the County whereby the private developer is required to allocate an agreed percentage of the overall development and construction costs to the creation and production of new artworks(s) in the built environment. 



Grace Weir commission of new work at new Vantage Business Park, Coldwinters.

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