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Current Commissions:

Commissions+ An International Symposium on Public Art & Commissioning

A two day symposium took place at The Waterside House Hotel, Donabate 8th/9th of October 2012. Speakers included Simon Maidment ( Satellite Art Projects, Melbourne), Cecile Bourne Farrell, Nouveau Commandataires, France,Nils Van Beek, Skor/TAAK,Marielle Uhalde, Consonni, Bilbao, Jenny Haughton, Artworking, Katherine Atkinson, CREATE,Artists Studio Network, Daniel Jewesbury, Valerie Connors,editors of Occupy Paper,Critical Bastards, Paper Visual Art,Enclave Review,Fugitive Papers and site visits and talks with artists Mark Garry, Garrett Phelan,Christine Mackey, Dan Dubowitz and Fearghus O’Conchuir.

The symposium brought together a range of international organisations to discuss current trends and approaches towards commissioning in Europe and beyond. The event sought to contextualise local authority approaches to commissioning within international framework. Critical art journals will also had a platform at the symposium which recognised their role in providing context,audience and legacy for the work produced in Ireland.The event took place over two days at a small seaside hotel in Donabate, Co. Dublin and was in close proximity to the sites of some prominent works commissioned by Fingal County Council, Site visits with commissioned artists Fearghus O’Conchuir & Dan Dubowitz at Donabate Martello Tower,Garrett Phelan at Balleally Landfill and Christine Mackey’s field took place giving the participants a unique insight into the thinking behind some of the work commissioned here in Fingal. We also screened Brian Duggan’s commission piece The Measure and launched of Christine Mackey’s A Year in the Field with our international guests.

Commissions+ 2014 – 2017

The symposium marked a moment of reflection around Fingal County Council’s commissioning policies and it is with this in mind that our new round of commissions retain this title. Commissions+ recognises the multidisplinary nature of commissioning for both the artist and the commissioner,artists will work closely within the local authority structures to to envision new ways of working and new perspectives on the work of the local authority. The new round of commissions will allow for curatorial input and greater community engagement.

Research into the new commissions will take place early in 2014 with Commissions + the publication launching with the announcement of the new opportunities which will include detailed information sessions.