What Do You See? Let’s Explore the artwork of Catherine Barron

What Do You See? Let's Explore the artwork of Catherine Barron.

Fingal Arts Office recently Celebrated 25 Years of Collecting Art! Over the next few days we will share an artwork from this amazing collection with you and invite you to respond with your own masterpieces.Ideal for all ages and abilities, you might like to focus on developing your drawing or painting skills by recreating the artwork you see, or you might prefer to focus on a small detail to get started and then let your imagination run wild to create your very own original piece in response. The choice is yours! All we ask is that you share your finished artwork for us all to see and enjoy. This way we stay together and connected through art.

Today we are delighted to share ‘Soup & Bread’ by Irish Artist Catherine Barron. It was made in 2013 using acrylic ink on sheet metal.  Artists use lots of different techniques and materials for creating their artwork. What do you think about the materials used to make this work, look at its shape? Can you look around your home and find interesting materials to draw or paint directly on to? Catherine once said that ‘windows frame a particular place, time and way of life. They are the eyes of a home’. Using your window look outside and capture the shapes, colours or objects you see. In Catherine’s piece she is looking from the outside in. Look around your home for materials to draw, colour and paint with; magazines & fabric cuttings for great for collage, what else can you find? Using your materials create an artwork in response to Catherine’s piece.