Space Crafts

Space Crafts is an exciting new arts and science initiative for local primary school children at DIAS Dunsink Observatory. Artists Aileen Murphy, Mary Jo Galligan and Julia McConville have completed a residency phase at DIAS where they worked closely with DIAS education officer Sadhbh Leahy and Superprojects to develop a workshop series for learning about science through art and art through science. 

DIAS is a rich source of scientific information and ripe for creative investigation. Planetary compositions, celestial movement, light and optics and are among the subjects to be explored. Activities will stimulate interest in the innovative space research taking place at Dunsink and the exciting contemporary art practice of these three artists. Fingal Arts Office and DIAS wish to provide access to quality arts and science education and will invite children from eight local primary schools to participate. 

This opportunity creates new ways for artists to engage children in and through the arts. The artwork created by the children will be displayed in the Observatory’s public rooms for the local community and public to view during our open visitor nights and other special events before being returned to the school for display on site or for the students to bring home.

This project is commissioned by DIAS Dunsink Observatory and Fingal County Council Arts Office and is funded through the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Programme with support from ESERO Ireland.


Photo captions: Children of Castaheany ETNS kick start the workshop series this May 2024.