Submissions Invited for Research Evaluation Services

The Exploring and Thinking Early Years Arts Partnership, made up of the four Dublin Local Authority invites submissions, through E-Tenders, for Research Evaluation services. These services are required to explore the impact of the Exploring and Thinking Artist Bursary Awards 2019-2022 on artists’ practice, and on provision for children (0-6years) in the settings in which the bursary occurred. Issues of partnership, sustainability, resources and support, and attitudes towards provision for children and young people may be among the issues considered in proposed responses to the tender.

To view the tender documents and for queries, please use the following link:

Public RFT - Research Evaluation Services: Exploring and Thinking Artists Bursary Awards 2019, 2020,2021/2022 (


Closing date and time of 4pm, May 5th.

This initiative is funded under the Arts Councils Invitation to Collaboration Scheme 2022.