Irish Aphasia Theatre Free Workshops

Fingal County Council is delighted to support this arts and health initiative which promotes positive living through engagement with theatre, the workshops are suitable for adults or senior citizens or those affected with Aphasia who are interested in exploring new ways to communicate and participate.

Aphasia is the term used to describe a condition which limits the individual’s ability to verbally communicate; it can be associated with brain injury, stroke and dementia.

Communication is more than just verbal,we can communicate through, gesture, sound and movement. Artist Grainne Hallahan is developing a very interesting project called Aphasia Theatre where she delivers a selection of theatre workshops designed but not limited to the characteristics of the condition.

Following a very successful pilot project with participants affected with Aphasia, Fingal County Council is supporting the initiative into 2019 and are offering free Aphasia Theatre workshops with Grainne and Collaborators free to anyone who is interested in Blanchardstown library commencing Friday 7th of June 11 – 1pm if you have a family member,or are a carer to people with characteristics of this condition you are very welcome to come along and experience for yourself the joy of communicating and expressing yourself through theatre.

All levels of this condition are catered for.

Contact Grainne Hallahan
Artistic Director
t: (086) 062 1393

For further information please contact
Caroline Cowley - Public Art Co-ordinator
t: 01 870 8449