Cruinniu na nOg 2022 - Seachtain na nOg - Youth Day

On this day, we will offer a full roster of interactive workshops open to young people age 12 – 18 years. All of our workshops are accessible to those without a musical background and aim to normalise creativity as a pursuit within the lives of those who attend.

- Percussion Workshop with Andy Dempsey (45 mins)
Maximum number of participants: 25
We emphasise participation and creativity in our drum circles and ask for input, leadership and creative direction from our participating drummers. Everyone is given a chance to play and be heard playing.

- Ukulele Workshop with Sorcha Fenlon (45 mins)
Maximum number of participants: 28
Ukulele is a hugely accessible instrument thanks to its size, simplicity and low cost. Sorcha has experience teaching all age groups and backgrounds how to play. Our teaching methods lean on cognitive theory and group dynamics to get everybody playing together in no time.

- Music Production Seminar with Hugh Clarke (1 hour)
Maximum number of participants: 50
We often hear about technology, its relevance to modern artistic practice, the connection young creatives share with it and the accessibility it offers burgeoning music professionals. In this seminar, our demonstrator Hugh will demystify the process of producing modern pop music to the artists of the future. He will talk them through the creative and technical processes involved in recreating Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’. Participants will be encouraged to record their own voices, claps and sound effects before watching Hugh assemble them into a musical masterpiece right before their eyes.

- Music as a Career Seminar with Sarah May Rogers (1 hour)
Maximum number of participants: 50
Creative careers are essential to our wider community. Sarah is particularly qualified to demonstrate the characteristics of a true musician given her varied experience as a working/ touring musician, educator, businesswoman and artist. In this short presentation, we aim to showcase some of Ireland’s best working musicians in the fields of music technology, music therapy, education, live performance and more.

Workshops will be delivered by the highly skilled musicians of The Irish Institute of Music & Song - an innovative, ever-growing cultural centre that promotes musical learning and participation for all age groups and backgrounds. Their engagement with younger audiences is multifaceted through online and in-person workshops, for more information visit