Loughshinny Boathouse Residency - Vanessa Daws

The three months in the Loughshinny studio gave me time to be at such a close and privileged proximity to the sea.  I swam regularly with the Skerries Frosties who meet everyday in Skerries through getting to know this group of swimmers better. I also made some more leads with contacts for the RMS Tayleur Project.

I used my time in the studio to reflect on my Lambay Swim Trilogy 2014-2017, a project in which I had just completed the third and final swim, the Lambay Circumnavigation Swim that September where I became the 1st person to swim around Lambay island.  I spent time in the studio going through footage of the swims.  The studio is an artist’s paradise,  it is light spacious, stunning views, and has all the facilities needed.  For my art practice that revolves around swimming and investigates our terrestrial relationship to surrounding bodies of water, this residency location was absolutely perfect for me.

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